Helping organizations reduce risk and improve resiliency from activist threats.

Clients rely on us to increase their ability to understand and pre-empt activism campaigns that may impact their operations, business objectives, and the safety of their employees. With access to curated intelligence and the insights from our subject matter expert analysts, organizations are better prepared to make proactive assessments and decisions.

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Who We Are

We work with Fortune 500 organizations to protect their business interests against the growing threat of activism and political instability.


We are a team of expert analysts who provide regional and industry-based political risk coverage and context to our public and private sector clients. Our reliable, credible, and balanced reporting is directed according to our clients’ requirements, for less than the cost of a full-time, in-house analyst.

Our clients rely on us to increase their ability to preempt and manage activism campaigns and to minimize reputational damage.

What our customers are saying

This is an excellent analysis and report, so grateful for your professionalism and competency!

FORESIGHT is a force multiplier in mitigating the activist threat. They have helped us reduce organizational risk while ensuring continued services to our citizens.

FORESIGHT’s team of analysts and researchers gather intelligence according to our requirements for less than hiring our own full-time analyst.

FORESIGHT’s proactive alert from 2 days ago alerting us the protest in Pakistan allowed us to give a heads up to the market.

Manager at a multinational fast food chain

I find the FORESIGHT daily reporting extraordinarily useful information, presented in a logical and practical format.

The FORESIGHT reports are equally well done and very valuable.

I find the FORESIGHT daily reporting extraordinarily useful information, presented in a logical and practical format. The FORESIGHT reports are equally well done and very valuable.

Since subscribing to FORESIGHT we’ve dramatically increased our ability to pre-empt and better manage activist engagements and minimize reputational damage.

The value add has been immediate and a force multiplier for our situational awareness and ability to update our appropriate stakeholders of potential risk.  Thank you!

Protective Services Manager at a global innovator in retail pharmacy

FORESIGHT’s actionable intelligence has made me look very good numerous times. I consider you part of our team and want to invite you to our company Christmas party.

Security Manager at a major Canadian bank

FORESIGHT provides the only true political risk knowledge repository that we can always rely upon.

I look forward daily to scanning and reading FORESIGHT articles, and many times, I have given early alerts to our team of pending issues because of your informative updates.

My sincere thanks for FORESIGHT’s efforts with the recent report and active event monitoring, and the rapid response and flexibility for our initial and evolving requests over the course of the project.

Senior Advisor at a major utilities and midstream business

FORESIGHT has been invaluable in reducing the negative effects of staff turnover thereby ensuring the continuity of historical corporate risk knowledge.

FORESIGHT augments our own collection efforts and allows us to focus on mitigation by providing reliable, credible and balanced reporting of information.

What We Offer

Our intuitive client portal is populated daily and includes powerful features tailored to your organizational needs. Our experts are at your fingertips, standing by to help you navigate whatever crisis you are in, trying to mitigate, or trying to avoid.

We publish data, analysis, and forecasts that are instantly accessible and continuously updated and historically stored. Leading organizations rely on our portal database and available API, along with our daily notifications to keep them informed about what is happening around the world.

Our clients ask us to solve problems that are specific to them. From detailed regular reporting on politically motivated campaigns, to in-depth analysis of an area of potential risk, we are here to help. Our analysts are committed to understanding your business and are available to support and explain the issues they are reporting on.

Our daily reports provide a detailed list of proactive activities your organization should be aware of to avoid disruption. Weekly summary reports are delivered to increase awareness of priority events, providing concise briefings to ensure your team’s situational awareness.